Opera Workshop: Little Red Riding Hood

Want to be in a PROFESSIONAL opera with the Boulder Opera? Be a part of our Youth CHORUS!


Join Boulder Opera’s production of Little Red Riding Hood in December. We are looking to cast chorus parts of Woodsman and Huntsmen ages 12 to 16 with solo opportunities. 2 voices per part. Music rehearsals start in October, staging rehearsal are in November. 

The young singers will then join the Boulder Opera singers in staging rehearsals starting in November, and the show will open to the public in December.  The shows will feature piano wind quintet. Great opportunity for teens to get their first opera role experience!!

Email Dianela Acosta at for more information 

Cost: $150

Final rehearsals and shows:

Rehearsal with Orchestra and Cast - Dec 1st (2 to 6pm)

Piano Dress - Dec 3rd (6 to 9pm)

Final Dress - Dec 4th (6 to 9pm)

Performances - Dec 6th-9th

Opera workshop with Center for the Musical Arts in Lafayette

If you are in the Lafayette Area, Boulder Opera is offering an opera workshop for kids ages 10 to 16. Kids, come put on a show! Learn every part of what goes into making an opera: how to be a stage manager, conductor, director, set and costume designer and crew, as well as learning the parts and becoming the actors and singers on stage. The final week, you get to perform the whole opera for friends and family! This is a great little opera with a variety of parts for all levels. All roles are open.

a link:



For auditions and more information contact Dianela at 646 438 0110 or 

Why is opera great for kids?

There is something in opera for all different kinds of learners to engage with a story:

Visual learners- can engage with the scenery and the physical representations of what is happening

Kinesthetic learners- can enjoy the movement, the dance, the stage fighting

Musical/Auditory learners- will have non stop stimulation from start to finish!

Interpersonal learners- can enjoy thinking about the relationships between characters on stage

Intrapersonal- can enjoy the reflection that music inspires and may especially enjoy the arias, when a character reflects and sings music that matches their emotions

Linguistic learners- have the text of the libretto to analyze and think of. They may enjoy operas in foreign languages.

We were so grateful to have the Boulder Opera Company come visit our Title I school in BVSD! Because of a grant opportunity, we were able to have truly exceptionally, high-caliber artists come to our school for a rate we could afford! For many of our students, this was their first exposure to opera, and they loved it! The assembly was very engaging, well-paced, and the perfect amount of time for our students. The material they presented was very informative- everything from types of voices to recitative- but also completely accessible to all of our students. The workshop they conducted after was especially fun. Our third graders ‘composed’ an opera by coming up with a story and developing characters, and the amazing artists at the Boulder Opera Company immediately turned this into a mini-opera that they performed right in front of the ‘composers’- our 3rd graders! They were absolutely delighted seeing their story come to life. As a musician myself, I felt the approach was spot-on. Opera can seem lofty and inaccessible even to some adults, but by teaching our students that opera is essentially expressive story-telling, they got it! They learned, they were delighted, and they now have a connection to opera they wouldn’t have otherwise. I give these artists and their production the highest possible recommendation!” -BVSD music teacher Kristen Lewis